Saxton Hale Fact #97

#97 - Saxton Hale can get critical hits with the medigun.

Saxton Hale Fact #96

#96 - Saxton Hale pulls the cart.

Saxton Hale Fact #95

#95 - Soldier did not actually shoot the Spy in the head in Meet the Spy. Saxton Hale looked directly into the Spy’s eyes from across the room. The Spy’s head promptly exploded.

Saxton Hale Fact #94

#94 - Saxton Hale sees the announcer for regular visits. Just not in her office.

Saxton Hale Fact #93

#93 - God said “Let there be light” Chuck Norris said “Let there be God” Saxton Hale said “Let there be Chuck Norris”

Saxton Hale Fact #92

#92 - Saxton Hale is the real author of ‘The Art of War’.

Saxton Hale Fact #91

#91 - Saxton Hale once pushed the cart into the BLU base.

Valve Reveals Gaming Headset

Valve has provided the first look at its gaming headset. Valve’s Gordon Stoll to The New York Times, the headset could “let players lose themselves inside a virtual reality and, eventually, blend games with their views of the physical world.”

The Times describes the headset as “a boxy set of goggles that looks like a 22nd-century version of a View-Master” and compares it to Google’s Project Glass. Valve’s project is being led by Michael Abrash, who believes “glasses that project games in front of players’ eyes are an obvious next step from today’s versions of wearable computers, smartphones and tablets.”

The Times also confirmed that on Monday, Valve will begin a public test of Big Picture. The Times describes it as “a new television-friendly interface for buying Steam games and playing them on computers in the living room.” Big Picture wasteased last month, but full details haven’t been released. It looks we’ll find out quite a bit more early next week.

Saxton Hale Fact #90

#90 - Saxton Hale's Jarate has a pH of 0.

Saxton Hale Fact #89

#89 - Saxton Hale is the inventor of Jarate and above grammar.